Monday, 27 June 2011

First Vison of Cynicism

Today is the grand launch of my blog dedicated to horoscope analysis. TARDARRRRR!! I hope to be the envy of mystic meg this time next year...I already have a fringe, and my mom has black hair, so we're practically all the same person in our visions of the future. Although, I am really aiming to scruntizie the powers destiny associated with the solar system- I don't wish to gaze into a crystal ball and predict my future. Therefore, I want to be mystic meg's enemy, the chalk to her cheese in some form of fashion.

Yesterday I read my horoscope, for the week commencing 19/06/2011. As I previously stated, I am regarding these readings in a retrospective manner, in order to confirm/deny any sense truth that they may possess.

This is what was written under the Lion-ROAR.

The sun enters the most sensitive area of your chart this week, so don't be suprised if your get-up and-go gets up and walks out of the door. This is, however, an important time of year for you because what you decide in the days ahead will form the basis of your reality for the next 12 months. It's a time or thinking not doing.

The notion I am physically unable to "get up and go" right now, due to a broken ankle, suggests this entry seems highly accurate, demonstrating that horoscopes predict our future. Job done. No more effort needed for this week-got off to a good start...I am being sarcastic by the by, just incase someone thought I was as naive as a child in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The quote which I quoted,  demonstrates  the flexibility of horoscopes, and how one can mould their personal experiences to fit a little bit of writing ,due to the notion some of us are crazy enough to believe in the magical essence of destiny.

In regards to the fact that my current decisions are going to base my reality for the next 12 months, could potentially be something to do with this blog... I will post each blog on "Twitter" and everyone in the world will read my entries, then a film will be made out of my blogs, then I will become famous and meet the Queen because of my blogs, take over the world and eat a slug. Okay, so none of that will really happen...apart from the slug part. Hmmm... In "reality" we all day dream and try and set targets for the "next 12 months", it stops everyday life from being boring. I cannot really think of anything which happened last week that heavily inspired me to face reality for the up and coming year...I got accepted to help volunteer at a gallery, maybe that will promote future gallery prospects? Although, previous gallery experience helped me acheive that position, allowing a snowball of experience to develop...I am already a sceptic.  

It's a time for thinking, not doing. I am an individual, who is a student, with a broken ankle. Somebody might want to connect the dots with this one (I haven't been able to do anything, or anyone...). It's so reasurring that this entry has been able to consolidate and comfort me during my current disabilty, really pushing me to think to the limit, so that I aspire to transform into an emo. Afterall, I have been thinking about being an emo for quite some time, maybe this week I will become an emo. I feel like I should marry this entry, it knows me so well... Again, we all think, it is impossible not to think. You should try not to think, it is impossible not to think. It is impossible not to think. It's harder to do, then it is to think. Thanks horoscope for being so encouraging!!

The quote It's a time for thinking, not doing is only a tiny bit vauge. It doesn't consider to explain exactly what us Lions were aiming to "do" last we. Were we thinking about doing housework? Were we thinking about doing some bangtidy person? Or were we just thinking about stuff which we were not supposed to do , because the solar system says the time wasn't right?? It would be nice if the horoscope could have been a gentlemen and specifically informed me about what these thoughts entailed, as those thoughts probably enter my head on a daily basis. In hindsight, I was thinking about cleaning the flat last week, and I did clean it today. Therefore, maybe I have simply regarded that quote as evidence which justifies my laziness.

To sum up, this week I haven't really been able to cuddle my horoscope entry. We haven't really made a connection ,in order to prove my destiny, yet. It was a bit vague, it didn't really tell me much, and seemed quite mysterious. I'm hoping next week it'll be more generous, so I can start trusting it's ambitions for me!

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