Saturday, 2 July 2011

My horoscope only encourages me to think.

Just taken a quick ganders at my horoscope , from the previous week, and I am disappointed. I am as disappointed as a child (or adult for that matter) when they get their chops around a big fat icecream cone ,and the icecream decides to end its life , choosing a destiny where it will be surrounded by ants. That's my horoscope right there! My horoscope is a gigantic infestation of ants. To put it simply, and cut it short without any further exaggerations,  last week's entry  promotes depression for the courageous lion.

This week's entry, once again, encourages me to think about life. In 50 weeks time, I will fester in thoughts about this blog, and wish I had actually stayed devoted to a hobby when I was younger, and never even thought of creating this sodding blog!! I might as well give up!! I can already see into my own future, or is that my horoscope manipulating me to think this way?

Here we go again...

Nothing will be quite as it seems this week, so even if you know what's going on, you are advised not to make any long term desicisons because they are unlikely to last beyond the end of the week. Wait until Mercury, planet of the mind, enters your birth sign on saturday: then your eyes will open.

Okay, so I lied about my horoscope telling me to think last week. However, it does indirectly hint at thought processes ... I cannot find any quotes to prove this. Okay, so I admit that I am probably feeling bitter about the fact that the above entry was too poetic, and cannot be anaylsed to the extent which I desire.

Let's break it down again, shall we??

Apparantly this week I have been  living in the land of make believe and "nothing" was "quite as it seemed", and even if i knew what was "going on", "long term" plans would not last "beyond the end of the week". I might be a little criticial in what I am about to say (or write-depending on how predantic you are) but, long term plans are not set on a weekly basis. Long-term plans occur accross a few years. Therefore, I cannot take this entry seriously, as it does not make sense...I know I took that a bit too literally, but you have to admit, that's a rather mystical description, right? At what point was I making the plans? What were these plans? It would be nice to have a little bit more input ,so I could actually applaud the brilliance of this horoscope. On second thoughts, I did not make any life-changing plans this week.  Horoscope - you are wrong! Unless these plans invovle the blog once more, and my horoscope is sending me subliminal messages to stop writing...naaaah.


Additionally, I  am never clued up. I do not understand what exactly "seemed" to be occuring this week. I never "know what's going on" in peoples lives. Maybe, this entry just  gives  me a  general overview of my clumsy nature, helping me come to terms with my ditzyness.( I am not defending the horoscope here- it hasn't commited to it's weekly duty- general life summary does not count!). Also, people tell me on a daily basis that I am a dope, so I'm pretty self aware.  In all seriousness though, "nothing" is what is seems. I don't really want to get too deep but we all have different perceptions of things, and hear'say tends to be innaccurate,so our view on life can be distorted from time to time. However, this week wasn't really one of those moments in life. This week, I would have been clued-up at a game of cludeo.  I wasn't convincing myself I was rich, I wasn't convincing myself I was successful, and I wasn't convincing myself I was a man with gigantic schlong. Although, I would like to be a man for a day...

 Today is saturday. Saturday is "Mercury" day. I don't really know what Mercury entails, but it invloves the "mind",and I will accept it. I am presuming something groundbreaking was meant to happen today, involving plans, and the seemingness of life. However, today I simply sent emails to do with voluntary work in galleries. Unless, these galleries end up contacting me with an internship for the following year after applying today, then I will remain cyncial towards this entry.

 In hindsight, my horoscope for the 19/06/2011 said I would be thinking that week, so maybe this week I was supposed to be more proactive?? But, I am not sure if sending out five emails in two hours counts as a "doing" activity for the week...Oooh ooh, just remembered my ankle cast came off this week though, so I can do more now. Don't know how that slipped my mind, like slipping on a banana skin. Awful pun intended. There is ,seemingly, light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that just an abundence of glow worms hanging out at a dead end ,luring me into a false sense of security?

I am starting to think this horoscope stuff is for uberly gullible people,and people who want to adapt their lives to text which creates an allure of destiny. All of this "go fourth and think" malaracky is probably a subliminal message from the actual horoscope ,telling those who believe this stuff to think about getting lives, instead of waiting around for the hollow predicitions to come true.

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  1. I've never understood how thousands - millions? - of Aries can ALL have 'opportunities triggered by Wednesday's alliance with Mars and Saturn' on the same day. Surely this would cause chaos on the trains?

    Love the blog - keep going!

    Helena xx