Monday, 11 July 2011

The Lion Needs to Mingle with the King of the Pride.

This week my horoscope has informed me that I need to let important people know that I am alive. Should I phone up the prime minister and let him know I am still walking on this planet? I am sure it will help him sleep better at night, afterall he has recently been highly concerned about  my existence.

I am already becoming rather disheartened with my horoscope entries,( although I have been since the start of this blog...sssh, don't tell anyone) simply because nothing exciting is being predicted for me. However, this could simply be a reflection of my boring life. I am not doing anything which oozes a vast amount of excitement, in order to distract myself from wanting to anaylse the mundane predicitions of my horoscope, on a weekly basis. On the other hand, I could be  furious at the notion that my horoscope is not representing my constant desires to live a life fufilled with extreme sports, and other activities which promote adrenaline pumping times. I would like to believe that the latter was factual...

Now back to the good part.

The Lion's entry, once more, for the week commencing 03/07/2011

If you thrust yourself forward this week, if you make sure that powerful people know you exist, you might just be rewarded with a powerful promotion. Even if that does not happen, you will atleast get your name recognised, and then it can only be a matter of time before bigger and better offers come your way.

If I did not access this weeks horoscope, with the past in mind, I would cry excessive amounts of rivers. It would have left me feeling like a failure, as I come to realise I am unable to access the life of which I dream. I often desire "powerful people" to promote me, as a twenty year old student who works part time as a waitress...It's doubtful that the managers of the future industries , of which I desire to be employed by, will keep me in mind for employment by the time I graduate if I keep sending them photos of me and my dog. I suppose I had better work on my tactics.

Nonetheless, there has potentially been a morsal of truth in this weeks entry. HAZARR!! Last week, I was very proactive, productive and...pretty (I was trying to get a list of three together, alongside some alliteration, for lingusitic effects). If you thrust yourself forward this week, if you make sure that powerful people know you exist, you might just be rewarded with a powerful promotion. I was supposed to be volunteering at a gallery last wednesday, which I did execute, although due to my subconscious eagerness I almost attended an additional session on the Monday.  Monday morning- I awoke at 7.00am in order to hit the train for 8.30, so I could hit the the destination 40 minutes away from home, to ensure I hit the gallery for 9.45am. I arrived at my destination on time, had a celebratory wee, and then checked my rota to ensure I was in on monday. My rota said to me, "Oh Hi Liz, you are most enthusiastic! You are not volunteering until Wednesday". This made me want to hit myself. I wanted to rip up the rota like the hulk, as  I felt it had decieved me like a bad person in a Shakespeare play. Then, I desired to burst into a solioquy about how I had actually decieved myself... I should have gone to the gallery regardless of my extreme punctuality, if we are to study my horoscope ,as I could have left a wonderful first impression and been instantaneously promoted. However, I was in dreamland , thought ,"sod that" and decided to hop  on the train home. If we put this into context of my horoscope, I almost thrusted myself forward that week.

if you make sure that powerful people know you exist. I sent around six emails, regarding work experience in galleries, two got back to me. Some people must really like the photos of me and my dog which I am sending out. Can't say I blame them, my dog is an attractive canine. Here, I feel that the horoscope has encouraged me to do well. However, as I am regarding this entry in hindsight, I cannot support it's encouraging behaviour, as I have been productive upon my own accord. If the if was not included in the statement, and the horoscope said, "you will make sure..." then I would have greater faith in this entry, as it would have predicted my future, and I could regard it as evidence that there is an oracle out there. However, that poorly scheduled if makes the horoscope seem too indecisive. It almost doubts itself about what will happen in my future, so it provides me with possibilities so it can cover its' back incase something does, or does not happen.

Even if that does not happen, you will atleast get your name recognised, and then it can only be a matter of time before bigger and better offers come your way. Sadly, one of the galleries declined my application, as they currently have no vacancies. But they ensured me that they will keep me on file.This supports the horoscope's entry, as they have an email which has been signed with my name. Everyone recognises the name Elizabeth, even if it is just because it's the Queen's name and not actually my name... I will probably harass them again, in order to ensure they remember my name, and have me stomping around their vicinity in no time. Otherwise, I could be the best thing they never had-que Beyonce.  On the other hand, the second gallery have offered me a little bit of experience,and invited me to an opening night. Maybe the the first rejection, is an indication that the second response provides a bigger and better offer. Could my horoscope be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth for once? Nah, it's probably my own productive self that has openened  up a few windows of opportunities.

Just before I seem that I am supporting this week's entry all lovingly like a deranged lady encouraging her son to eat screws for breakfast, there was a second if  in the opening quotation (see above). It seems like I was not supposed to be promoted afterall. My horoscope just does not seem to want to support me!! The horoscope of the lion sits on a throne of lies. Now where is the Lion's pride in that?! Beyonce is more supportive of me then my own horoscope- she encourages me to be an independent lady. Whereas my horoscope lives me feeling sensitive and vulnerable.

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