Monday, 29 August 2011

Appplying the Horoscope to something which is not evidently obvious.

I am delaying my retrospective anaylsis more and more.  My ungenuine and seemingly sensitive excuse follows: I like to believe I am doing this, as it provides a greater time scale for me to reflect on things which have occured, so I can truly engage with my horoscope. However, once more, I am finding myself with too many things to do which sadly distract me from discussing my horsoscopical account. *Crys deeply*...Effectively, I now have three blogs to attack, as opposed to my normal delay of two. This is not going to be an enjoyable expedition. Well, it isn't actually a journey, so it can't be an expedition...Maybe some form of metophorical journey? I am so poetic.

Another bloody long ramble of wank.


Some things take a long time to change, while others change in the blink of an eye. With Uranus, planet of sudden change, so prominent in your solar chart this week, changes over the next few days will be over and done with in a matter of seconds. One of the obivious results will be that something you once feared will no longer worry you in the slightest. Thursday's lively aspect between Mars, planet of action, and Pluto, planet of power, will both clear your mind and boost your energy, making it easy for you to choose a goal and not give up until you have reached it. However, there is also a danger that you will get carried away and push yourself harder , physically and mentally, than be wise. Be ambitious, but make sure you are kind to yourself as well.

This week's horoscope entry does not mention anything about travel, despite the notion that I went to Edinborough during this week. How dare the  horoscope of he Lion be so inconsiderate, as to  not notify all Leo's that they would be going away? The Swine! This means I now have to apply my life to this horoscope, instead of my horoscope being naturally compatable with my life...This is the last time I  make my life fit your ways!

Some things take a long time to change, while others change in the blink of an eye. We had to get up early on the morning of travelling to the land of bagpipes and whisky. This meant I had to get changed very quickly, I had to get changed in the blink of an eye , as I overslept and if I didn't get into my superhero outfit soon enough then we would miss the train. I didn't really get changed really quickly ,and I am not really  Superhero, but I had to tell a lie to make the story (I mean horoscope) fit my life. Additonally, if I was  Superhero then I wouldn't actually have to catch a train. In spite of all this, you can still call me Clark Kent.

Uranus provided a sudden change in my life. Suddenly, after a four hour long train journey, I was in Scot-land. This left me suprised. I was in a land far away from Eng-land, and the diffence in culture was very shocking to me. I was submerged into a world full of comical induldegment. My usual poliete and courteous demenour was long gone, as I was in the country renown for prosititutes and weed...My bad-I mean the mighty drug that shall not be named...Haggis. Upon arrival we consumed a heavy amount of haggis- changes were occuring with a matter of minutes-we were greeted with a culture which tainted our taste palletes. Our worlds would never be the same again. My horoscope is so wise in informing me that I would try haggis. Oh wait -it didn't tell me that I would try haggis, and I didn't try haggis. I suppose by not informing me of something, my horoscope proves to be ironically accurate?

...something you once feared will no longer worry you in the slightest. Haggis worries me deeply. However, considering the fact that I did not get to try Haggis, I cannot say that it no longer worries me. Unless my horoscope refers to the notion that I did not eat the ball of squashed sheep's guts, and in effect I am not worried by Haggis anymore, as I am not in Scotland and its presence does not threaten me? My horoscope is such a loving paradox.
Thursday's lively aspect between Mars, planet of action, and Pluto, planet of power...Thursday was the day of returning home. A combination of  the action ridden fuel of the Mar bar ,with the power of the dopey disney dog, allowed us to reach our goal-home. However, there was a hurdle which prevented us from returning home. My friend seemed to have lost her train ticket home. We had ten minutes to find the ticket, as our train was leaving in ten minutes. I asked the ticket man what the consequences would be if she could not find her ticket, as we only had ten minutes, and he told us she would have to buy a new ticket. Effectively, we tried harder to find the ticket with only eight minutes left until we could catch our train. We created a plan, my friend would pretend she had lost her purse, and once more ask the ticket man what we would have to do. Once more- her informed us that a new ticket would have to be purchased. We had four minutes to find the ticket. No ticket-three minutes. No ticket-two minutes. I went through the barrier and shouted to my friend,"Come through the barrier with me-it's our only hope!". She informed me that the barrier was weight dependent , and would not let her through. I was not going to give up! We had to reach our goal, and get home! I told her to lie to the ticket man and pretend she lost her purse, once more, and pretend she was going to buy a new ticket...Did she make it through...

...Yes she made it through. We got on the train, and after an hour of her hiding in the toilets, so she wouldn't have to face the abuse of the ticket man on the train-we were safe. Four hours later-we made it home. Thankfully, with the power of the marsbar and the soft pluto teddybear we made it home safely, and did not give up. That story truly demonstrates the accuracy/ high application levels which my horoscope posseses! It even warned us that there would be a danger that we would push ourselves physically and mentally.I can tell you now-despite the fact that I mock my horoscope on a regular basis- that train journey did seem dangerous due to the fact we feared the consequences of hiding and lying. We genuinely felt physically and mentally drained.

 I did actually eat a marsbar on the train allowed me to be kind to myself, during the ambitious my to return home. It's just a shame Pluto wasn't there to share the experience...

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